About Us

We all know how difficult situations come upon us quickly and unexpectedly. Thrust into this in 1995, after my grandmother had her stroke, our family became her advocates and caregivers overnight. Our situation was nothing compared to our beautiful matriarch. Unexpected. Life-changing.

Luminate Home Care, LLC was formed to help clients and their families with these difficult turns and challenges in our everyday lives. We value the comforts, love and security of home. We will strive to extend grace, empathy, and honor to each client and their family as an advocate, caregiver, and listening ear. We have a heart for service.

I can do all things through Him who strengthen me Phil 4:13

New possibilities in the face of impossibilities. Encouragement when you face discouragement. It offers hope to let your light shine.

From Our Founder Lisa Neeb:

I love seniors! I just do.
I love their stories, knowledge and inspiration they give me freely.
I have made assisting them my passion.
I personally have learned lessons from them that are invaluable.
It is an honor to serve them.